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Marine Chair
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The marine furniture factory of Guangzhou Haishun Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd. is a separate registered professional furniture factory. It is located in Huangpu district,  Guangzhou   City  and it covers an area of  3200m2  and owns two modern production lines. The factory mainly produces and installs marine furnitures for different kinds of ships and we can supply marine furitures according to customer's demands.

  • Revolve Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-04
  • Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-08
  • Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-07
  • Revolve Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-02
  • Revolve Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-01
  • Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-10
  • Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-09
  • Revolve Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-05
  • Commom Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-11
  • Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-06
  • Revolve Arm Chair HS-Ⅰ-4-03